Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh the things you can measure with the cat in the hat!

I thought I would share a little activity that I do with my kids during our Dr. Seuss week. We have done a lot of activities with measuring over the past few weeks and I wanted to keep that skill fresh in the students minds. What better to measure than the cat's hat. I cut a hat out of construction paper for each student that will be in the group. Then I give them various objects such as dominoes, paper clips, popsicle sticks, and cubes to measure the hat with. They also have a recording sheet that they must record their findings onto. I am including the recording sheet in this post. I will also be posting later about a money game that I made to use with my kiddos. Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our 100th Day!

I know that I am VERY late in posting this.  I have been in quite a funk lately and I have really not been up to doing to much of anything.  BUT, the mood has past and I am back to feeling my old self.  I wanted to post a few pictures of our activities that we did on our 100th Day.  We did activities such as making 100th day hats, stringing 100 fruit loops for necklaces, finding 100 Hershey Kisses hidden in the room, and making a 100th day hash with 10 different ingredients.  This day was a lot of fun.  We even received a new friend to join our class on the 100th day!  Check out our pictures to see the smiles and fun!

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Have a great week!  I will be taking lots of pictures of our "Read Across America" week that we are celebrating this coming week.