Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sight Words

As I sit around, watching TV and going through all the blogs that I "stalk", I started to wonder.  At our school there is a lot of debate about how many sight words we should introduce to the students and the number that they should be held accountable for at the end of the year.  We introduce 100 sight words that include color words and number words.  At the end of the year, we would like for them to know at least all of their color and number words plus the words that we introduce from our reading series.  This comes to 72 words.  My question is "How many sight words do you introduce and how many are they expected to consistently know at the end of Kindergarten?"  I would just like to see what other teachers in other school systems are requiring of their students.


Chrissy said...

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We use K5Beginnings. The students are expected to know color words (English and Spanish), number words, and 50 "service words". I introduce more sight words, too.

Good question! ReadWriteSing

Arianne said...

Hey Jenny! We have a list of 40 - that does not include the color words or number words - so all total I guess its around 58? We had that debate last year and came up with a list of 40. Our thoughts are if they happen to get all 40, we will go to the 1st grade list and start teaching those in small groups...

Arianne, Ketchen's Kindergarten

Julia said...

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Julia said...

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