Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Groovy Classroom

First I wanted to show some pictures of what my room looked like before all the decorating began.
Here are the "before" pictures.

Here is the finished product.

 Here is my Good Work Board "We LAVA Good Work!"
Here is my loft turned into a GROOVY Volkswagon Van.
Here is my Sight Word reward levels.  As the students learn their sight words they move their peace sign to the different "Bug" for that level.  Each level has a special prize!

Here is my Calendar.  It is pretty simple at this point.  I do have a Smartboard which I use to supplement the calendar as the year progresses.
Here is a view of my cubbies. Each student is assigned a number.  I made tie dye t-shirts to display each child's number on their cubbie.
My Helpers Chart
My behavior clip chart.  I hot glued each level to a toilet paper tube so that it would be away from the wall and the students wouldn't have a hard time moving their clips.
And this is the awesome artwork of my Paraproffesional, Mrs. Lewandowski.  She found crayons for the window and decorated our fire escape window.  How cute!!!
I am sooo loving all the bight colors in my classroom.  It makes me happy to come in each day!  May keep this theme for more than one year!!!

Thanks for dropping by!  Hope everyone is having a GROOVY GOOD YEAR!!!!


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